Thursday, September 25, 2008

Laura and Adam pt. 2

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Katie said...

Well Hello Kim!!!
This is Katie (Christensen) Mott and you shot my wedding (To Stephen) in October 2005. I found your blog and just had to say hello! I LOVE your blog and love seeing pics of Amelia and Declan! They are such cuties! We also have a family blog (if you're bored and want to check it out - We had our first son this year (Blake Austin). He is such a joy! Don't you just love motherhood? It's the best thing ever!
I LOVE looking at all your wedding photos!! You're simply a genius! I have to laugh - my sister's name is Laura and she married a boy (if you recall - three months before I got married) named Adam! Just like your latest couple!
I hope this comment finds you having a great day! Take care and GREAT blog!!