Wednesday, July 28, 2010


We are lucky enough to be able to spend a few weeks in Hawaii with my sister and her family this summer. We are on the Island of Kauai and it is truly one of the most beautiful places I've experienced. I haven't posted on my blog a lot this month so I thought I would post several photos from our trip to share with all. This first photo (above) is what our car looks like on a daily basis. We go paddle boarding almost everyday. It is so much fun! Enjoy the rest.

Mabel, our constant companion! She's an amazing dog!


Sarah said...

What an amazing trip! And I have to say, I'm quite fond of Mabel.

I've been meaning to email you lately - do you have any plans to be in Europe this winter or early spring?

Sarah said...

(I will try to check back here for an answer, but of course, you can also email me.)

C said...

Love the pics. Looks so serine! Love the pic of the waterfall. Mabel is one lucky do to have been able to go to Hawaii with the family.

Anonymous said...

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