Monday, January 23, 2012


I can't believe it's almost February! I'm still trying to get caught up from the holidays. I've been reflecting a lot on 2011 and of course making goals for an even better year for 2012. Last year was all about Photography, family and....... new experiences. I think our biggest 'new experience' came when we made a decision to start fostering dogs (one at a time!!!! although that rule has been broken a couple of times). If you are an 'extreme' animal lover like me then I highly recommend it! It is definitely hard work and very hard to say goodbye, BUT the rewards far out weigh those things. Our newest additions (and rule breakers) are Michaelean and Shauneen. These two are 12 week old sisters and just so fun to watch and snuggle with. If you are interested in adopting them (together or separate) go to .

Big Chief just went to his new home a coupe of weeks ago and he is missed. He is a gentle giant and we loved having him.

It was hard to say goodbye to sweet Olivia Jude. Cutest puppy ever, right?

Ollie was a giant puppy, full of fun!

Oh, Carmen how we loved her. She was a special girl with special needs. Seriously couldn't get enough of her. She found a perfect home.

and.... Boscoe and Maisey, where it all started. Boscoe and Maisey came from a shelter in Killeen and were inseparable. We found them a fantastic home together!! So magical.

So at the end of all of this, you are probably saying "THAT GIRL IS CRAZY". Probably a tiny bit true. The best part of this experience is seeing my kids with these dogs. They've learned a lot and have taught me a lot. Now when we find a home for a dog, my daughter Amelia says "It's ok mommy. It's the same every time. We are sad to see this dog go, but now we can go get another to save." You can't beat that.


Metalsgirl said...

AWESOME! I love, love, love how you chronicled each dog, it's a beautiful photo essay of a year of fostering. When you show them all like that it is so moving - these dogs are alive today because of you. And the lessons you are teaching your children about the value of life, of volunteering and giving back, well, it is inspiring!

Anne Currie said...

wow. tears are falling. Mia is right, it must be so hard to let go, but you get to make room for more. You have touched so many dogs who had no future, and turned them around. I cant believe how big chief now looks compared to when you picked him up! you can see the love in all these pups eyes. and it must be wonderful to experience it all as a family. lessons learned. that will last a lifetime. xoxo

The Websters said...

Love this! We are fostering too and started a blog to capture each pup.

It is so sad and frustrating and wonderful all at the same time!