Monday, January 11, 2016

A Year in the Life! ... of Elliott

New Year's Resolution #1256.  Blog more.  And live a more meaningful life.  So here goes!

Trying something new this year.  It's called "A Year in the Life".  My goal is to photograph babies for one full year at all stages.  I started this project just over a year ago with the baby of one of my long time friends.  She and her husband had this amazing baby named Elliott and I am so lucky to have captured his first year.  And let me just say, I'm somewhat enamored with this kid.  Any day I get to spend with this guy is a great day!  And this past year has been something wonderful!

Take a Look.....

Elliott - The Beginning...

Elliott - 3 months

Elliott - 6 months

Elliott - 9 months

Elliott - 1 year

Thank you  Haley and Sean for letting me be a part of Elliott's first year.  It has been so wonderful to watch him grow and I look forward to more hanging out time.  Love you and that sweet boy!

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